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Annexure Filing under clause (d) of sub-regulation (5) of regulation 31 of the IBBI (Liquidation Process) Regulations, 2016
Sl.No. Category of stakeholders Summary of Claims Received Summary of Claims Admitted Amount of contingent claims Amount of claims rejected Amount of Claims under Verification Details in Annexure Remarks, if any
No. of Claims Amount (Rs.) No. of Claims Amount of claims admitted
1 Unpaid insolvency resolution process costs
2 Liquidation costs incurred till date
3 Secured financial creditors NA
4 Unsecured financial creditors NA
5 Operational creditors (Workmen) NA
6 Operational creditors (Employees) NA
7 Operational creditors (Government Dues) NA
8 Operational creditors (other than Workmen, Employees and Government Dues) NA
9 Other stakeholders, if any (other than financial creditors and operational creditors) NA